Sabrina Seara, The Path to Internationalization


What motivated you to try your luck in foreign lands?
I made the decision to look...

Samar Yorde, In the Latin American Showcase


Her firstborn son of American nationality; settled in the North American country, insecurity that affected her...

Nina García, Style Rooted in Colombian Coast

Cortesía Project Runway

For Nina García, having grown up in a port city, like her native Barranquilla, allowed...

Miguel Varoni, Acting as a Passport

ESQUEDA, Christopher

The success of the Colombian soap opera Pedro el escamoso was only the beginning of a...

Luis Chataing, The Dilemma of Fighting from The Distance


Chataing has very clear reasons why he left Venezuela. Being the father of a two-year-old little...

José Levy, Rediscovering Passion in Israel

Cortesía CNN

Moved by the desire to investigate in depth the mysteries of medicine, at a young age...

Ismael Cala, Growing on His Aspirations

DARÍO, Rubén

Growing up in a small town in Cuba was never an obstacle to feed the curiosity...

Guillermo Rodríguez, Vocation Beyond Immigration

PÉREZ, Jesús

Born in Spain, Guillermo Rodríguez was devoted since he was young to perfecting his passion for...

Greivis Vásquez, The Route to the NBA


That moment in which dreams materialize goes unnoticed by those people who keep working hard for...

Elyangélica González, Journalism without Fear of Borders

Cortesía Univisión


Life is, most of the time, about coping with and learning from the situations that separate...

Eduardo Biscayart, The Victory of a Bold Decision

Cortesía Fox Sport

“I am a product of the middle class of Buenos Aires,” in this way Eduardo...

Ángel Sánchez, Exporting Success


Leaving the comfort zone can have many meanings, but Ángel Sánchez gave meaning to this phrase...

Andreina Espino, The Pursuit of New Hopes


“Hopelessness is based on what we know, which is nothing, and hope on what we ignore,...

Dreamers' Monuments in Distant Lands

Since the dawn of history, man has intended to explore new frontiers. Partly, a sense of adventure leads us to head to new horizons, but more often, the harsh...

The Great Little Salma

As a child she was very nosy and smiling. Her desire to become an actress went on after seeing Willy Wonka & the...

Saint Petersburg: The Queen of the North

The FIFA World Cup is knocking on the door and St. Petersburg is ready to be the focus of attention. An invasion of...


Gilbero Santa Rosa, 40 years thankful... and counting


Gilberto Santa Rosa describes as a roller coaster what he has experienced within the music industry. Endless...

Edición 91


En portada/On the Cover

Sabrina Seara
El sendero a la internacionalización
The Path to Internationalitation

Por / By Heather Parra

Del Éxodo al Éxito/From Migration to Realization

Nina García
José Levy
Ismael Cala
Greivis Vásquez
Samar Yorde
Miguel Varoni
Eduardo Biscayart
Elyangélica González
Luis Chataing
Guillermo Rodríguez
Andreina Espino
Ángel Sánchez

Por / By Heather Parra y Arianny Sarcos

Top 10

Momentos de Bodas Reales
Royal Wedding Moments

Por / By Heather Parra


Gilberto Santa Rosa, 40 años agradecido… y contando
40 years thankful… and counting

Por / By Arianny Sarcos

Genio y Figura/Genius & Star

Manos que borran fronteras
Hands That Erase Borders
Por / By Arianny Sarcos


Calle sin reglas
Street Without Rules

Por / By Gerard Cortéz

Powder Room/Tocador

Fantasía de Primavera
Spring Fantasy


Por / By Francisco Granados


Victor Porfidio
Dania Díaz
May Martínez
Sergio Ruíz
Javier Iparraguirre
Ivan García
Eduardo Orozco
Miguel Merckx
MV Caldera
Jorge Bustillos
Samadhi Zendejas
Fabiola Arace
A tu puerta Express
Juan Fuenmayor


San Petersburgo, la reina del Norte
The Queen of the North

Por / By Alex Nemirovski

PERSONAJES/ Personalities

La pequeña gran Salma
The Great Little Salma
Por / By José Alejandro Urdaneta

Cultura Pop

Por / By Héctor Palmar