Dayana Mendoza: "The most important thing is spiritual peace"


Spirituality. This is the new stage of the brown-skinned, green eyed woman who dazzled the world...

Benito Santos: "Portraying sophistication and elegance we can transcend"


Sophisticated, classic and elegant, three adjectives that faithfully qualify the style of Benito Santos, a fashion...

Hernán Zajar: "My designs are to be the center of attention"


Sophisticated. This adjective can define the work of Colombian fashion designer Hernán Zajar, who through daring...

Constanza Oquendo: "A feminist woman inspires me so much"


The desire to innovate and curiosity were the engines that pushed Venezuelan Constanza Oquendo to create...

Silvia Tcherassi: "I have a natural sense of proportion and harmony"


Casual luxury, without pretensions or excesses, that invites not only to contemplate each garment, but also...

Yliana Yépez: "I’m always looking for objects, colors and textures"

BALDERAS, Theresa.

The unique proposals are not self-proclaimed, there are details, ideas and concepts that show it. Yliana...

Eclectic and romantic

DUBEN, Danny

Irdia’s accessories make luxury of the variety in each proposal. Her chromatic hearts bring a distinctive...

Robin Duran: "I don’t mind to be compared"

VACCARELLA, Sebastián.

Versatility is one of the great virtues of an artist, even more if his ancestry comes...

YouTube and the coveted shortcut to success


It is easy and fast to become a millionaire thanks to YouTube. Myth or Reality? While...

Bomba Estéreo: “Llevamos la música que conecta con la gente”

MESNER, Elise.


Let your senses question the known rhythms and open to new melodies. That is why Bomba...

Insano, Palpable pieces of imagination


“Everyone has ideas, but in the end, what matters is production. When someone sees something they...

The three unbalanced lines of the textile industry

Illustration: BEGUERÍA, Sofía.

Materials imported from different parts of the world, such as China, Chad and Uzbekistan, are...


Gianluca Vacchi: "Character is not for sale"

A tanned skin, smiling and mature Italian, with well-marked abs, strolls around luxury yachts in the most delightful places in the world. Even...

Edición 88


En portada/On the Cover

Dayana Mendoza: “Lo más importante es la paz espiritual”

“The most important thing is spiritual peace”
Por / By Ernest Stuyvesant

Top 10

Clásicos trascendentales del clóset
Closet outstanding classics

Por / By Heather Parra

Genio y Figura/Genius & Star

Moda para preservar el planeta
Fashion for planet preservation
Por / By Heather Parra

Fashion Runway/Pasarela

Beach Bunny


Ecléctica y romántica
Eclectic and romantic
Por / By Irdia

Powder Room/Tocador

Chic & Vintage

Informe especial/Special Report

YouTube y el codiciado atajo a la fortuna
YouTube and the coveted shortcut to success
Por / By Ernest Stuyvesant


Gianluca Vacchi: “El carácter no está a la venta”
“Character is not for sale”
Por / By Ernest Stuyvesant


Por / By Francisco Granados


Lambda García
Emmanuel Palomares
Alejandro Alsina
Rama Estudio
Nacarid Portal
Glaem Parls
Javier Romero
Hernando González
Alejandro Garrido
Brianna Meighan
Patricio Silva
Isaac Paniza
Geraldine Bazán
Annie Vázquez
Nilyans Paternina
Carlos Cabrices
Antonio Androutsos
Zito Bares
Aslin Alip
Gigliola Gómez
Daniel Fábregas
Emily Bardají
Ayrton Tromp
Natusha Croes


Bomba Estéreo: “Llevamos la música que conecta con la gente”
“We bring the music that connects with the people”

Robin Durán: “No me importa que me comparen”
“I don’t mind to be compared”
Por / By Ernest Stuyvesant

Editorial de moda/ Fashion Editorial

Dualidad burlesque
Burlesque duality
Por / By Manuel Hernández

Especial de moda/ Fashion Special

Cinco retratos fashion
Five fashion pictures

Silvia Tcherassi: “tengo un sentido natural de la proporción”
“I have a natural sense of proportion”

Constanza Oquendo: “Una mujer feminista me inspira mucho”
“A feminist woman inspires me a lot”

Benito Santos: “Plasmo sofisticación y elegancia para trascender”
“Portraying sophistication and elegance we can transcend”

Yliana Yépez: “Mi búsqueda es de objetos, colores y texturas”
“I’m looking for objects, colors and textures”

Hernán Zajar: “Mis diseños son para ser el centro de atención”
“My designs are to be the center of attention”

Informe especial/ Special Report

Las tres líneas desequilibradas de la industria textil
The three unbalanced lines of the textile industry
Por / By Heather Parra

La guerra de las rosas: Suceso histórico que inspira éxitos televisivos
The wars of the roses, historical event that inspired hit television series
Por / By Heather Parra

Cinco apps de moda para llevar
Top five fashion apps to wear
Por / By Ernest Stuyvesant


Insano: Retazos palpables de la imaginación
Palpable pieces of imagination
Por / By Ernest Stuyvesant

PERSONAJES/ Personalities

Óscar de La Renta: El eterno caballero de la moda
The eternal fashion gentleman
Por / By Rafael Álvarez Bermúdez

Venezuelan Tourism/ TURISMO EN VENEZUELA

La herencia de la Colonia Tovar
The legacy of Colonia Tovar
Por / By Érika Paz

A la carta/ A la carte

Tiradito White Tuna

A la carta/ A la carte

Spaghetti Alle Vongole

En la mente de…/ In the mind of…

Carlos Vives
Por / By Ernest Stuyvesant