Tendencia Aruba

Tendencia Aruba

Beach Tennis Aruba, white sand beach sports party

Beach Tennis is no longer a sport that requires discipline in order to play. Now days, you don’t really need any skills, but you do need to have the...

A La Carte: White Modern Cuisine

  Grilled Lamb White Modern Cuisine is almost celebrating its third anniversary satisfying the most demanding palates of Aruba. As you enter you start living a gastronomic adventure. It...

A La Carte: Azia Restaurant & Lounge

Steamed Sea Bass The best of Asian food is already a reality on the happy island. Azia Restaurant & Lounge, the newest creation of Gianni´s Group, was launched in...

Cas Bon, dream builders on the island

For Arubians, to own a house is one of their priorities, and Cas Bon Development Group gained its popularity for turning this ambition into reality. “There is nothing more...

Electric Festival, musical entertainment at seaside

More than 15.000 people gather every year to be the main characters of a musical show that brings together the biggest stars of electronic (EDM) genre. Aruba is the...


Cherryldine Buckley, a life of Carnival

Edición 92


En portada/On the Cover

Fefi Oliveira
“Simplemente busco ser yo; autenticidad y verdad hacen la diferencia siempre”
“i just want to be myself; autenticity and realness always make the difference”

Por / By Heather Parra

Talentos con canal propio/Talents with their own channel

Lorena Farías
Mayré Martínez
Manuel Paone
Sonia Ortiz
Sheryl Rubio

Por / By Heather Parra y Arianny Sarcos

Informe Especial/ Special Report

YouTube: La verdadera democratización de la industria del entretenimiento
The Real Democratization Of The Entertainment Industry
Por / By Ana K. Gourmeitte

Top 10

Curiosidades de YouTube
YouTube curiosities

Por / By Heather Parra


Mala Rodríguez: “Quiero sentir que honro mis palabras”
“I want to feel I’m honoring my words”

Por / By Heather Parra

Gizmos/Genius & Star

Luces, cámara, play: Set de un youtuber
Lights, Camera, Play: Set for Youtubers

Por / By Arianny Sarcos


Classic Colors V. Trendy Style

Por / By Jogré Winkeljohann

Powder Room/Tocador

Beach, please


Por / By Francisco Granados


Alejandra Maya
Jomari Goyso
Jormi Graterol
Mayo Stoppels
Israel De Corcho
Marco Echeverría
Soraya Nava
Nayibe Warchausky
Manuel Rangel
Manuel Ángel Redondo


Verano en el sur de Italia
Summer in Southern Italy

Por / By Alex Nemirovski

PERSONAJES/ Personalities

Susan Wojcicki, Del garage a YouTube
From Garage To YouTube
Por / By Jesús Valbuena, Andy Carvajal

Informe Especial/ Special Report

Rusia 2018: El Mundial que tumbó mitos
The World Cup That Knocked Down Myths
Por / By Juan Miguel Bastidas