Tendencia Aruba

Tendencia Aruba

Beach Tennis Aruba, white sand beach sports party

Beach Tennis is no longer a sport that requires discipline in order to play. Now days, you don’t really need any skills, but you do need to have the...

A La Carte: White Modern Cuisine

  Grilled Lamb White Modern Cuisine is almost celebrating its third anniversary satisfying the most demanding palates of Aruba. As you enter you start living a gastronomic adventure. It...

A La Carte: Azia Restaurant & Lounge

Steamed Sea Bass The best of Asian food is already a reality on the happy island. Azia Restaurant & Lounge, the newest creation of Gianni´s Group, was launched in...

Cas Bon, dream builders on the island

For Arubians, to own a house is one of their priorities, and Cas Bon Development Group gained its popularity for turning this ambition into reality. “There is nothing more...

Electric Festival, musical entertainment at seaside

More than 15.000 people gather every year to be the main characters of a musical show that brings together the biggest stars of electronic (EDM) genre. Aruba is the...


Cherryldine Buckley, a life of Carnival

Edición 90


En portada/On the Cover

Angela Ruiz, escuchando la voz interior
Listening to the Inner Voice

Por / By Ernest Stuyvesant

Relatos Inéditos/Untold Stories

Ana Torroja
Silvestre Dangond
Iris Mittenaere
Nelson Bustamante
Carmen Villalobos
Francisco Cervelli
Paty Cantú
Mimí Lazo
Luisito Comunica
Luciano D’Alessandro
Anna Vaccarella
Mariela Encarnación
Luis Omar Tapia
Luis Fernández
Roberto Manrique
Maripily Rivera
Ana María Simón

Por / By Heather Parra y Ernest Stuyvesant

Top 10

Clásicos sin Oscar
Classic Movies Ignored

Por / By Luis Bond

Genio y Figura/Genius & Star

Influyentes antes de los 18 años
Stars Before Their Time
Por / By Heather Parra

Fashion Runaway

La Reina de Corazones de Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana’s Queen of Hearts

Powder Room/Tocador

Glamurosa y radiante
Glamorous and Radiant

Informe Especial/Special Report

Showroom: ¿Maniquíes vivientes?
Showroom: Living Mannequins?

Por / By Heather Parra


Por / By Francisco Granados


Hernán Cardozo
Daniel Rodríguez Guarín
Gustavo Osuna
Waldo Díaz
Alejandro Vilhena
José García
Ivo Yánez
Philip Merryweather
Hendrick Meleán
Juan Silva
Miguel Maza
Marcel Boldú

Editorial de moda/ Fashion Editorial

Fashion Victim
Fashion Victim
Por / By Manuel Hernández

Informe especial/ Special Report

18 hitos que marcaron Tendencia

18 Defining Moments of Tendencia
Por / By Heather Parra


Dagor: Arte, azar y arquitectura

Dagor: Art, Chance and Architecture
Por / By Heather Parra

PERSONAJES/ Personalities

Stanley Kubrick
Los inicios de un legado

The Beginning of a Legacy
Por / By Santiago Zerpa Gil

En la mente de…/ In the mind of…

Corina Smith
Por / By Heather Parra